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Our tools

Each available tool is a customizable Web3 accessory that can be embedded anywhere, and personalized to match your brand. Fully compatible with FYB3R protocols. Equip your Web3 project with as many tools you'd like to maximize your project's potential.

Swap Widget

Maximize your buying potential. Fully functioning swap with fiat-onboarding. Built in referral system.

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Staking Widget

Maximize passive growth. With Alt-Staking and True-Staking versions. Built-in referral system.

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Stake your liquidity tokens for a passive income source for your community and start putting your pool to work.

LP Locker

Easily and securely lock your liquidity tokens in time-lock contracts that you maintain ownership of... eliminate 3rd party security risks.


With our airdrop tool you are able to bulk send tokens to any wallet using our simple interface. It doesn't get much easier than this.

NFT Platform

Want to start the next OpenSea? Our white-labeled NFT platform allows you to attract artists to your community and earn a % on each min/sale.

Launch Platform

White labeled IDO platform that allows you to attract new projects and share with your community. Earn on each whitelisted buy.

P2E Games

We have a collection of pre-built P2E games that are available. Customizations through our agency partner SOLV3.

Charting Widget

The perfect compliment to your swap widget. Get the latest charting data on your project branded and themed to match your website.

Signals Widget

Create fomo by streaming project signals such as buys to your community on your website, discord, and more.

Affiliate Widget

Turn your community and partners into ambassadors for your project and reward them for bringing you new buyers. Powered by ShillX.com

Loyalty Program

White labeled NFT platform that allows you to attract artists to your community and earn a % on each min/sale.

Community Alerts

Custom built NFT based notification system for communities. Built from the ground-up and integrated directly within our loyalty system.

More coming in 2023...

We have a lot to tackle this year but our work is just getting started. Don't blink you might miss the next great utility in DeFi.

How it Works

Implement your ecosystem in 5 minutes or less


Select a tool - Choose from one of our industry-leading widgets and start benefitting immediately.


Personalize - With just a few variables (colors, contract address, etc.) customize a white-labeled solution for your community.


Expand - Once your first widget is up and running, add more widgets to grow a whole suite of utilities your community will love.


Scale - When your Volume has reached more than $25k per day on any of our programs, further benefits and customizations will be offered to your project.

Geeking out and want more info?

Glad to see you are a firm believer in DD we are too! Which is why we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions we get.

Our applications are embeded and loaded client side. They are served via a CDN which significantly reduces the chances of a man in the middle attack. As long as your device is secure, we use enterprise grade security and testing to ensure safety on our end.

Our utilities are designed to increase profitability for projects and further reward their community. We charge a nominal fee on all of our utilities as an incentive to continue upgrading, monitoring, and securing them. 

Our embeddable applications and utilities are designed to work on nearly every website. If you are having trouble just let us know, we are here to help and our partners at SOLV3 Labs can help you implement. 

No you just need to run our script on your existing site or application. When it comes to our utilities they are fully hosted and maintained by us. 

Our widgets are highly customizable. If you aren’t able to get your desired look we suggest reaching out to our partners at SOLV3 Labs. 

We are always open to new ideas but if you need something custom quickly we suggest using our agency partner SOLV3 Labs. 

We have an API for each one of our widgets. Check out our documentation to learn more. 

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